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Iasi ROMANIA 19-20 September 2018 Advanced Colp. Course Alina Pusca
Belgrade Serbia  2-3 November 2018 Advanced Colp. Course Nikoleta Zeljković
Brussels BELGIUM 1 December 2018 Satellite Meeting and TTT EFC
Rome ITALY 25/28 September 2019 8th EFC Congress EFC

Courses and Approvals

EFC criteria and application forms for approval of Basic Colposcopy Courses based on the consens of the EFC Satellite Meetings.

New EFC Advanced Colposcopy Courses criteria is online.

From June 2014 EFC will approve basic courses which meet the EFC criteria. In the future EFC will be setting the criteria for national training programmes.

EFC will only approve courses which have been approved by the national society in the country where the course is to be held.

How to become a Member Country of the EFC ?

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