EFC News

  • EFC 9th European Congress 2022, in Helsinki


8 June 2022: pre-congress courses

9-11 June 2022: European Congress

Visit the Congress website: here.

  • EFC LinkedIn page.

The EFC is proud to announce it is now on LinkedIn: follow the Federation’s page HERE.

  • EFC General Assembly 2021.

The EFC General Assembly was hosted virtually on the 17th of May 2021, at 6.00 pm CEST.

The Minutes of the meeting can be read here.


Future events

9th EFC European Congress


  • 8 June 2022: pre-congress courses
  • 9-11 June 2022 European Congress

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Congress Website: available here

Portuguese Basic Colposcopy course

Date: 18th and 19th of November, 2021

Programme: available here.

Registration: posgraduacao@nms.unl.pt  | www.nms.unl.pt

To participate to these courses, please contact the Moldovan Colposcopy Society.

Announcements to the EFC Community

WARNING: SPAM EMAILS appearing to be sent from EFC President 

Dear Colposcopists and EFC members,

We have received reports of some scam emails, asking for money, appearing to come from Professor Pekka Nieminen, EFC President.
The emails have been sent from fake addresses using his name; examples of the latest fake addresses are pekka.neiminen@hus.fi and drpekka.nieminen@hus.fi.
Please be aware that such emails are in circulation and that we will never ask any money transfers in “urgent situations” or similar. Please DO NOT REPLY to those.
Since this is not the first time it has occurred, we urge you to always verify the address when you receive an e-mail with Prof. Pekka Nieminen’s name as sender and not to respond to those who are not from Pekka.Nieminen@hus.fi, his ONLY current contact address.
If you are in any doubt about whether an email is genuine, even after checking the email address of the sender, please contact us at efcsecretariat@thetriumph.com in a separate email or call us.
Thank you for your attention!

IN MEMORIAM of Ulrich Petry

Dear Colposcopists and EFC members,

Our former President, Professor Ulrich Petry has passed away few days ago after a rapid and serious illness.

Ulrich was a dear friend to many, a true gentleman and a brilliant scientist. Ulrich was a keystone for our society EFC and an inspiration for a generation of colposcopists, not just in his own Clinic in Wolfsburg or in Germany, but in the whole Europe.

He made a huge contribution to colposcopy, science and above all to our European good relations and friendships.

We will miss Ulli and we remember him in silent mourning.

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