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Past meetings


The EFC held its first official Congress in Rhodes in 2001. The meeting was organised by Emmanuel Diakomanolis (Greece) – 630 delegates representing 24 countries attended. In Rhodes, Joe Jordan was asked to remain as President for a further 3 years and Emmanuel Diakomanolis was elected to the post of President Elect. The post of Secretary was vacant because Renzo Barrasso had resigned for personal reasons. Jean Ritter (France) became the new Secretary but again, for personal reasons, he had to resign in 2000. Liz Dollery acted both as Treasurer and Secretary until Thomas Loning became secretary in 2002.

The next meeting of the EFC was in Paris 2004. This was organised by Christine Bergeron and Jean Leroy. Over 700 delegates from 26 countries took part. At the time of the 2004 meeting, Emmanuel Diakomanolis became President and Santiago Dexeus (Spain) past-President of the IFCPC, became President Elect.