Quality and Standards Group

The EFC Quality and Standards Group


The Quality and Standards Group will oversee the development and update of quality indicators and other aspects of quality assurance available to colposcopists in Europe.




  • To review the relevance and feasibility of the currently agreed quality indicators published by the EFC in collaboration with EFC member national colposcopy societies and their representatives
  • To investigate other aspects of quality within a colposcopy service, if necessary in collaboration with other organisations such as the IFCPC, ESGO, EBCOG, ECCA and the European Commission.


Current output


  • Quality indicator survey (lead Anne Hammer) – manuscript submitted to Acta Obstetric Gynecolog Scand
  • QI position paper (lead Grainne Flannelly) – second draft in preparation
  • Data on older women (lead Anne Hammer) – survey ready for circulation
  • Covid systematic review and meta-analysis (lead Giovanni Deli Carpini) – data extraction completed and manuscript ready as 1st draft
  • Covid response survey looking at post covid management (lead Laura Kotaniemi-Talonen) – 1st version of the survey developed
  • AIN Survey (lead Vesna Kesic) – proposal at present.


Current membership of Group


Anne Hammer (chair, Denmark) : ahlauridsen@clin.au.dk

Mihaela Grigore (Romania)

Laura Kotaniemi-Talonen (Finland)

Anne-Marie van Haaften-de Jong (Netherlands)

Ameli Tropé (Norway)

Andrea Ciavattini (Italy)

Grainne Flannelly (Ireland)

Vesna Kesic (Serbia)

Simon Leeson (UK) : sleeson413@gmail.com

Jens Quaas (Germany)

Kristina Jariene (Lithuania)

Jana Zodzika (Latvia)

Róbert Koiss (Hungary)

Terje Raud (Estonia)

Aleksandra Šavrovra (Estonia)