EFC Interactive Learning Webinars for Colposcopists

2024 Editions

1. Interventional colposcopy – essential skills state of the art 2024

Co-hosted by the German Working Group for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (AG-CPC) 

Date: February, 21st 2024

Programme: available here.

2. Treatment strategies for vulvar and vaginal dysplasia

Co-hosted by the the Swiss Colposcopy Society 

Date: May, 15th 2024

Programme: available here.

2023 Editions

1. Conservative management of HSIL/CIN: When is it possible?

Co-hosted by the Spanish Association of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (AEPCC)

Date: February, 22nd 2023

Programme: available here.

2. Human papillomavirus:What is the evidence?

Co-hosted by the Danish Society for Colposcop

Date: May, 24th 2023

Programme: available here.

3. Role of Colposcopy following treatment for HSIL/AIS

Co-hosted by the Italian Society of Colposcopy ( SICPCV)

Date: October, 04th 2023

Programme: available here.

2022 Editions

1. The Type 3 : Transformation zone​

Co-hosted by the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology 

Date: February, 16th 2022

Programme: available here.

2. Vaginal intraepithelial lesions: colposcopic features and management​

Co-hosted by the French Colposcopy Society

Date: May, 18th 2022

Programme: available here.

3. Colposcopy in pregnancy

Co-hosted by the Swedish Colposcopy Society

Date: October, 12th 2022

Programme: available here.

2021 Editions

1. First Interactive Learning Webinar for Colposcopists

Date: March, 10th 2021

Programme: available here.

2. Second Interactive Learning Webinar for Colposcopists

Date: April, 8th 2021

Programme: available here.

3. Glandular pathology: a challenge for colposcopists

co-hosted by the Irish Colposcopy Society

Date: September, 30th 2021

Programme: available here.

4. Management of HPV positive women

co-hosted by the Portuguese Colposcopy Society

Date: November, 3rd 2021

Programme: available here.