Courses and approvals

Since June 2014 EFC has been approving basic and advanced courses which meet the EFC criteria. The new criteria for advanced courses is ONLINE and in the future EFC will be setting the national training programmes.
EFC will only approve courses which have been approved by the national society in the country where the course is to be held.

The application fee to apply for EFC approvals is 100,00 Euro. The approval will be for a duration of  3 years.
(If the course does not meet the criteria and is not approved the fee of 100,00 Euro is not refundable.)

Please submit the completed application form to Dr Amelia Pedro and to EFC Secretariat: and


EFC Basic Colposcopy Course Approval Criteria

Content: based on the EFC Core Curriculum (see note 1)
Duration: at least 360 minutes (not including breaks)
Certificate: will use EFC format
Post-course Evaluation: will use EFC evaluation form (see note 2)
NEW EFC Advanced Colposcopy Course Criteria