Wednesday, September 25

  • Pre Congress Course – Basic Colposcopy
  • Pre Congress Course – TTT

Thursday, September 26

SESSION 1 - Challenges facing Colposcopy
  • Opening speech – EFC President
  • Charles Redman (UK)
  • The impact of HPV vaccination on colposcopy Speaker: Maggie Cruickshank (UK)
  • The value of colposcopy in cervical cancer screening Speaker: Gugliemo Ronco (IT)
  • Improving the Quality of Training Speaker: Xavier Carcopino (FR)
  • Less is more in managing cervical cancer? Speaker:Denis Querleu (FR)

Friday, September 27

SESSION 3 - The Transformation Zone and Squamocolumnar Junctions
  • Prenatal development Speaker: Helga Fritsch (A)
  • Glandular and squamous story of cervical pathogenesis Speaker: John Doorbar (UK)
  • Colposcopic definitions Speaker: Olaf Reich (A)
  • DEBATE - In modern colposcopy, adjunctive technologies are essential
  • PRO: John Tidy (UK) + Jacqueline Louwers (NH) CON: Charles Redman (UK) + Pekka Niemenen (FI)

SESSION 4 - Treatment strategies
  • Vulvar examination during colposcopy Speaker: Mario Preti (IT)
  • Is colposcopy good enough? Speaker: Ulrich Petry (DE)
  • DEBATE - See-and-treat is an acceptable policy
  • PRO: Carlo Liverani (IT) + Simon Leeson (UK) CON: Christine Bergeron (FR) + Ameli Tropé (NO)

SESSION 5 - Damage Limitation
  • Damage Limitation in treating CIN Speaker: Maria Kyrgiou (UK)
  • Conservative management of CIN Speaker: Ilkka Kalliala (FI)
  • Triage in HPV positive patients Speaker: Marc Arbyn (BE)
  • The management of VAIN Speaker: Francesco Sopracordevole (IT)

Saturday, September 28

SESSION 6 - Practical points Video Session
  • Microbioma and pre-cancer Speaker: Giovanni Miniello (IT)
  • How I perform excisional treatment Speaker: P. Nieminen / B. Strander / R. Barbero
SESSION 7 - Hot topics/difficult situation
  • Congenital transformation zone (CTZ) Speaker: Bjorn Strander (S)
  • Pregnancy Speaker: Andrea Ciavattini (IT)
  • Vaccination after treatment for CIN Speaker: Jana Zodzika (LA)
  • Closing Comments Pekka Niemenen (FI)

Draft Programme, updated to November 6, 2018

More details coming soon