EFC Nordic-Baltic Advanced Colposcopy Course

Helsinki, Finland, 15-16. February 2018


15 February

9.00-10.00 Registration and Breakfast

10.00-12.00 Basic science Chair Ralf Butzow and Ameli Trope

·         Anything new of HPV? Eeva Auvinen 20min

·         Cytology and histology of genital tract. Ralf Bützow 20min

·         Screening, where do we go?  Ameli Tropé 20min

·         CervicalCancer and CIN:HPV or genes?Ilkka Kalliala20min

·         Does methylation data give new information? Karolina Louvanto 20 min

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-15.00 Cases and Management Chair Björn Strander and Johanna Palmroth

·         Setting the scene, Charles Redman  20 min

·         Diagnostics- low-grade lesions, high-grade lesions, Swede Score, Björn Stander 20min

·         Selection of cases, e.g.Lithuania,Iceland,Russia,UK 40 min

·         Treatment methods with videos Pekka Nieminen 20 min

15.00-15.30 Coffee

15.30-17.30 Cases and Management continues Chair Charles Redman and Pekka Nieminen

·         Novel strategies

CIN2 -to treat or not to treat? Karoliina Tainio 20 min

ZED-scan and other new methods. Charles Redman 20min

·         Concept of cone depth, length, volume, WHO and other terminology. Maija Jakobsson 15 min

·         Treatment and Follow-up in different countries; evidence, algorithms, flow charts , 60 min

(Finland Marja Simojoki, Norway Ameli Trope, Estonian Lee Padrik, Sweden Björn Strander, Poland Wojchiech Kolawa, Germany  Ulli Petry, panel discussion)

16 February

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.00-10.30 Special cases Chair Maria Kyrgiou and Ilkka Kalliala

·         Glandular lesions- diagnostic, treatment (LEEP/ Needle conization/ Cold knife conization), follow-up.   Simon Leeson 20 min

·         The Impact of Margin Status on Treatment Failure Following Excision of Cervical Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  TBA 20min

·         Trachelectomy as a treatment. Päivi Pakarinen 20min

·         Reproductive morbidity. Maria Kyrgiou 20 min

10.30-11.00  Coffee

11.00- 12.30  Special cases continues  Chair Jana Zodzika  and Maija Jakobsson

·         Pregnancy, Jana Zoditzka, 15 min

·         Discrepancy, cyto vs. histo vs. colpo. Terje Raud 15+5min

·         HIV and other immunocompromised patients Lone Kjed Pettersen 15 min + 5 min

·         Persistent HPV positivity in patients with negative cytology and TZ 1-2 or TZ 3, Ulli Petry 20 min

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00 Vagina and Vulva  Chair Marja Simojoki and Virpi Rantanen

·         Vulvar lesions,diagnosis and treatment,                              Virpi Rantanen 20 min

·         Vaginal lesions Annika Riska 20 min

·         Cases and discussions 50 min

15.00-15.30 Coffee

15.30-17.00 Quality assurance Chair Ulrich Petry and Simon Leeson

·         Guidelines in organizing country, Pekka Nieminen 15 min

·         and in the other countries (UK  Charles Redman 10 min, Baltic Terje  Raud 10 min, Norway Ameli Trope 10 min. Germany Ulrich Petry 10 min), including EU-guidelines

·         Performance of guidelines i.e. are they followed? (panel)

·         Are they evidence based? (panel)

·         QA in practice (UK, Germany, Finland, Redman, Petry, Nieminen)

·         Certification

Training 30 min  Chair Xavier Carcopino

·         Criteria for basic colposcopy course

·         Training programmes, training the trainers

·         Course assessment

·         Test

Organized by the Finnish Colposcopy Society and EFC
The Helsinki Advanced Colposcpopy Course has the BSCCP accreditation. Participants can get points for the colposcopy re-certification in UK and other countries (check the description of your national society).
Further information: marja.simojoki@oulu.fi