German Society of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy

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PD. Dr. Volkmar Küppers
Tel.: +49 211 328385
Königsallee 64
40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Name of Secretary of Society
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
(EFC – Contact Person)
Dr. med. Jens Quaas
Tel.: +49 3831 482880
Grünthal 22
18437 Stralsund, Germany
Members of the executive board PD. Dr. med. Volkmar Küppers (President)
Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kühn
Dr. med. Jens Quaas (Secretary)
Dr. med. Heidrun Link (Treasurer)
Dr. med. Frederike Gieseking (Recording Clerk)
Dr. med. Elisabeth Meier
Dr. med. Christopher Koßagk
Next Elections 2019
Number of Members 732
National Events
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer A PAP -smear is taken commencing at the age of 20 and then annually thereafter, HPV-Typing & Mono-Layer not recommended/allowed
Screening rate 48,5 % (2002), annually, estimated 3 years rate 75-80%
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 9,5/100.000 (2008, Europ. Stand.)
Overall Reduction of incidence
1970 to 2002: 66%
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 2,6/100.000 (2008, Europ. Stand.)
Strategy for colposcopy training Courses in Colposcopy for beginners (or trainees) and experienced colposcopists – Courses are certified by the National Society. Examination and Certification with a Diploma of Colposcopy from the National Society.
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results Screening-Smear is performed by routine-gynaecologists at their private rooms. The goal of the colposcopic training programme is to ensure that these gynaecologists are able to take an adequate smear and to deal adequately with the result. In critical cases there are specialised units who undertake further investigations.