Icelandic Colposcopy Society

Name of Society Icelandic Colposcopy Society
Web Adress
Name of President of Society Dr. Kristjan Oddsson

Capital area primary care

Adress: Hamraborg 8

Phone: +354 894 0078


Society postal adress
Name of Secretary of Society
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
(EFC – Contact Person)
Dr. Orri Ingthorsson

Sjukrahusid Akureyri

Adress: Eyrarlandsvegi

Phone: + 354 463 0100


Members of the executive board Asgeir Thoroddsen
Next Elections 2022
Number of Members 3
National Events
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer Conventional pap
Screening rate Triannualy
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 8.86/100.000
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 1.74/100.000
Strategy for colposcopy training None
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results Hospitals