Italian Society of Colposcopy and Cervico-Vaginal Pathology (SICPCV)

Web Adress
Name of President of Society Maggiorino Barbero
Society postal adress Via dei Soldati 25 – 00186 Roma
Name of Secretary of Society Fausto Boselli ( General Secretary )
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
EFC – Contact Person Carmine Carriero
Members of the executive board President: –¬†Maggiorino Barbero

General Secretary/
Treasurer: – Fausto Boselli

Next Elections 2015
Number of Members xxx
National Events Yearly National Congress (next: Ancona 19th-21st of November, 2009). Meetings and courses in different part of the Country during the year.
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer screening programs on a regional basis (20 regions in Italy). I level: cytology (every three years, age 25-64); II level: colposcopy (triage of ASC-US by HPV-test if available). National Survey by GISCi (Gruppo Italiano per lo Screening del Cervicocarcinoma).
Screening rate Coverage: 67% of target population Adherence to cytology (invited women): 36,7%(Survey 2006)
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 9-10/100.000
(~3500 new cases/year)
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 1-2/100.000
(~ 370 deaths/year)
Strategy for colposcopy training Accreditation, on a voluntary base, is made by SICPCV during the National Congress or other qualified Courses. Evaluation of CV, colposcopic training and experience, and a MCQ test are made to verify the accreditation as colposcopist. A re-validation is planned after three years.
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results II level (colposcopy) centres, appointed by the regional screening program, deal with abnormal cytology and intraepithelial lesions (treatment and follow-up). These centres are mainly in university clinics and hospitals or in regional hospitals. All data about screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are stored in regional screening program databases, that are collected and analysed yearly on a national level ( Survey ).