Polish Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology

Web Adress www.kolposkopia.info
Name of President of Society Robert Jach
Society postal adress 31-501 Krakow, 23 Kopernika str, Poland
Name of Secretary of Society
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
(EFC – Contact Person)
Bartłomiej Galarowicz
Members of the executive board Robert Jach (President)

Wojcjech Kolawa (Deputy of President)

Bartłomiej Galarowicz (Secretary)Agnieszka Fuchs (Treasurer)

Prof. Antoni Basta (Past President and Honorary Member of PSCCP)

Next Elections 2015
Number of Members 74
National Events 28-29 May 2014 Zakopane
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer organized call- recall system, letter invitation, conventional Pap smear every 3 years, colposcopy as triage, population; women 25-59 years old
Screening rate 39% (2012)
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 12,4
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 6,1
Strategy for colposcopy training 2 steps tier training with central exam certification by PSCCP
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results