Sociedade Portuguesa de Colposcopia – SPCTGI

Web Adress and contact

+351 919 494 636

Name of President of Society Dr Amélia Oliveira Pedro

Consultant Gynaecologist
Clinical director of private Hospital Cuf-Sintra
Director of Unit of Colposcopy of private Hospital Cuf-Sintra


Society postal address Edifício Cruzeiro, 4 – 2º andar/sala 32
Largo Cruz de Celas, 3000-132 Coimbra, Portugal
Name of Secretary of Society Dr Amélia Pacheco

Consultant Gynaecologist
Director of Unit of Colposcopy, CHUA, Algarve, Faro
Assistant Professor at the University of Algarve


Society Co-ordinator/Treasurer Dr Rita Sousa

Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist / Gynaecologist
Director of Unit of Colposcopy, Oncology Center Institute of Coimbra – IPOFG


EFC – Contact Person Dr Rita Sousa


Members of the executive board xxx
Next Elections xxx
Number of Members 287
National Events – 193th SPG Meeting– Present and Future Challenges in Gynecology (6th-8th june, 2019) – Colposcopy in molecular era
– 1st Meeting of National Colposcopy Units (30th march 2019)
– 8th Basic Course of Colposcopy (25th-26th october 2019)
– 22th Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology – FSPOG – Past, present and future of colposcopy (5th-7th november, 2020)
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer National screening programmes with HPV testing,
Target population- women 25th-60th
Cervical screening is performed in primary care
Screening rate 5/5 years
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 8.9/100,000 women (globocan 2018)
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 1.6/100.000 women (INE 2018)
Strategy for colposcopy training Doctors can train in colposcopy in the Portuguese society structured training programmes.
This training programme includes:
1. Basic courses, according to EFC criteria, approved by EFC and Medical College of Gynecology of National Medical Order
2. Completion of final assessment
3. Theoretical-practical training that is a trainee-led and competency based, also approved by EFC
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results Women with an abnormal screening test are referred to a colposcopy Unit.
The standards are set by the national guidelines elaborated in consensus meetings sponsored by the Portuguese Society of colposcopy (last revision in 2014)
Literature Colposcopia – Da Prática à Teoria; eds. Amélia Oliveira Pedro; José Silva Pereira; LIDEL, edições técnicas, LDA; ISBN 978 989 752 007 5; 2014; 165-177
Consensus on HPV infection and intraepithelial neoplasia of the cervix, vulva and vagina, SPG – SPCPTGI, 2014
Gynecological Cancer – National Consensus 2016, SPG-SPO
National Consensus of HPV Vaccines, SPG-SPCPTGI, 2018