AG Swiss Society for Colposcopy

Web Adress www.sggg.ch
Name of President of Society Dr. Brigitte Frey Tirri

Women’s Clinic

Cantonal Hospital of Basel-Land, Switzerland

Tel: +41 61 925 2200

Mail: brigitte.frey@ksbl.ch

Society postal adress Altenbergstrasse 29

PO box 686

3000 Bern 8


Email: sekretariat@sggg.ch

Name of Secretary of Society
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
(EFC – Contact Person)
Dr. André Kind, MPH

University Women’s Hospital Basel


Phone +41 61 265 9213 / 265 93 93

Mail: andre.kind@usb.ch

Members of the executive board Dr. Claudia Canonica

PD Dr. Mathias Fehr

Dr. Brigitte Frey Tirri

Dr. Martine Jacot-Guillarmod (treasurer)

Dr. André Kind, MPH

Dr. Elke Krause

Prof. Dr. Patrick Petignant

Next Elections xxx
Number of Members 57
National Events xxx
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer Opportunistic every 3 years
Screening rate xxx
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 3.8/100 000 (ASR 2018)
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 1.1/100 000 (ASR 2018)
Strategy for colposcopy training EFC-certified basic and advanced colposcopy courses
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results xxx