United Kingdom

British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology

Web Adress www.bsccp.org.uk
Name of President of Society Dr Pierre Martin-Hirsch MD FRCOG
Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist / Gynaecologist
Director of Research & Innovation
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Society postal address BSCCPNorton Court

Birmingham Women’s Hospital
Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TG United Kingdom

Name of Secretary of Society
Society Co-ordinator/Admin
(EFC – Contact Person)
Ms Stephanie Thomason – Secretary

Birmingham Women’s Hospital Mindelsohn Way Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TG

Number of Members 2000
National Events BSCCP Annual Scientific Meeting
Liverpool – 31st March/1st April 2011
Contact: In-Conference Ltd, 4-6 Oak Lane, Edinburgh EH12 6XH
Email: bsccp@in-conference.org.uk
Screening strategy for Cervical Cancer National screening programmes with 3 yearly LBC in England and Northern Ireland (age 25-49 and 5 yearly 50-64), Scotland (age 20-60) and Wales (age 20-65) within the NHS.
Screening rate Estimated 3 years rate 74%
Incidence of Cervical Cancer 8.2/100,000 women (2007) for all ages
Mortality of Cervical Cancer 2.2/100,000 women (2008)
Strategy for colposcopy training Doctors and nurses can train in colposcopy in the BSCCP training scheme. This is a structured training programme that is a trainee-led and competency based. There is a theoretical syllabus. The practical programme includes:
1. Direct supervision of 50 colposcopy cases.
2. Indirect supervision of 100 colposcopy cases.
3. Completion of the Electronic Colposcopy log book
4. Completion of work based assessments.
5. Histopathological and Cytopathological sessions.Completion of the programme requires the trainee to pass an OSCE examination and leads to the award of the RCOG/ BSCCP Certificate in Colposcopy
Institutions to deal with Abnormal Screening-Results Cervical screening is performed in primary care usually by nurse practitioners. Women with an abnormal smear are referred to a colposcopy clinic. The standards are set by the NHS CSP (NHSCSP 20 (2nd edition) Colposcopy and Programme Management: Guidelines for the NHS Cervical Screening Programme Published May 2010 (2nd edition) | ISBN 978 1 84463 069 1.